Connection And Creation

Concreate aim to accelerate potential blockchain projects in international market
While investing, Concreate also provide markets or technical solutions needed for project at early stage
Connect crypto to real world Create innovative future.

Investment Portfolio

Our Services

Marketing & PR

Build community in several countries around Asia Publish related articles or news on top blockchain media Manage Professional meet up in numerous cities which highly developed in crypto Design related product for projects in order to create the culture of brand.

Consulting Proposal

Crypto market is totally different with traditional market; it is growing rapidly and changing significantly. We always provide comments, give out best reliable suggestions for develop Crypto business, attract new comers and bring some ideas to negotiate with exchanges Also, provide crypto market or technical education for traditional company.


We focus on blockchain infrastructure, financial technology and enterprise technology companies, and look to engage in a strategic relationship that may include joint product development, We invest significant time and resources in our portfolio companies, providing relationships, and strategic network to accelerate value creation.

Technical support

Concreate provide diversified technical support services for different startup needs, including: Technical auditing, code analyzation, and decentralized derivative develop (game, fintech, wallet etc.) Startup comes with the idea, but also need other explored technical solutions to extend their business model.